So Which Really Are the Best Fish Oil Supplements?

The best fish oil supplements are some you’ve probably never heard of. Why (and what are they)?

There’s a huge number of fish oil supplements available. We want to tell you why we consider that the best fish oil supplements are the the Omega 3 fish oil supplements that we take, every day, and have done for years.

After reading study after study talking about the benefits of fish oil supplementation to your health we decided to spend some time researching the health benefits of fish oil, and also to examine the different fish oil supplements available worldwide to determine the best fish oil supplements for us.

We are fitness and health fanatics. We exercise regularly, we eat well and we are very healthy, and do not like taking anything at all. However the evidence for the protective health benefits of increasing the amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in our diet is so overwhelming that we decided that it would be worthwhile taking fish oil supplements.

It is unlikely that there are any health supplements in the world with as much solid scientific research backing their health benefits. Studies have recently shown that many vitamin supplements have little or no benefit to your health, and may, in some cases, actually be detrimental.

However there is widespread agreement amongst health professionals and scientists that our diet is deficient in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids which are most commonly found in fish and other seafoods, though are also found in smaller quantities in other food sources.

Studies on the health benefits of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids began some decades ago. Scientists began to notice that some peoples, who were commonly high consumers of fish and other seafoods, exhibited very low levels of many of the lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and cancers that affect so many of us in the Western world.
fish oil
Gradually the studies began to demonstrate that one of the major reasons for this was the high levels of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids in the diet of these very healthy people.

You may have been told that fat is bad for you. This isn’t entirely true, and in fact some fats, particularly the Omega 3 fats, are not only good for you but have significant protective health benefits.

And as our diets include less and less fish and seafood our intake of the Omega 3 fats found in fish and seafood declines, and as a result we are becoming less healthy. And also as a result it is now possible to buy high quality fish oil supplements to restore our intake of the Omega 3 fats. The best Omega 3 supplements provide your body with a daily dose of these extremely important and healthy fats.

We won’t go into all the evidence here, this would make a very long page, and you can read this on other parts of our website. However we will tell you why we consider that the excellent Omega 3 fish oil supplements from Xtend Life, (which we consider to be the best fish oils supplements in the world) are, in our view, the best fish oil supplements in the world.

So why, after all the research that we have undertaken about the health benefits of the Omega 3 fatty acids, and after examining the different fish oil supplements available on the market, have we decided that the best fish oil tablets are those from Xtend Life?

There’s a number of reasons those are the best fish oil supplement, let’s examine them one by one.

When you buy fish oil supplements you don’t always get the same thing from different products. One of the major differences between the different brands of Omega 3 supplements is the amount of Omega 3 that you actually get in the capsule.

Different brands of Omega 3 pills give you different amounts of Omega 3 fats. Because not all of the contents of that little tablet is Omega 3 fats, some of it isn’t.

Most Omega 3 capsules are 18/12 capsules. If you don’t know what that means we’ll explain.

An 18/12 capsule is one which provides you with 18 percent EPA and 12 percent DHA. In other words 18 percent of the ingredients of the capsule are EPA and 12 percent of DHA.

fish oil pills

EPA and DHA are the 2 major Omega 3 fats, and it is quite clear that the most important of these is DHA. In most 1000 milligram capsules you are getting 120 milligrams of DHA, the most important Omega 3 fat.

In the excellent fish oil supplements from Xtend Life you are getting much more of the important ingredient DHA. In fact in their 1000 milligram capsules you are getting 300 milligrams of DHA. That’s roughly 2 1/2 times what you will get from 18/12 capsules.

And if you compare the price against others you’re not paying 2 1/2 a half times as much as the others, so in fact you’re getting much better value.

But there’s more. One of the other considerations when taking fish oil supplements is whether or not they are contaminated.

Sadly our oceans are becoming contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals and much more. Mercury, PCBs, dioxin and more have all been found in tests of various fish and other seafoods. And the obvious question is, if the fish oil used in the capsules comes from contaminated fish, how much of the contamination are you eating when you take those capsules?

And it’s not just theoretical. Testing in a California laboratory of various brands of fish oil supplements, including very high profile supplements, found worrying levels of PCB contamination. PCBs are nasty chemicals you do not want to eat.
contaminated fish oil supplements
Interested in reading more about contamination in fish oil supplements? Click here and here to read, and find out more about the lawsuit here.

As a result there were prosecutions under proposition 65 in California. This requires that manufacturers of these types of products warn consumers where contamination exceeds certain levels, as it did.

You might not have immediately considered the possibility that various brands of fish oil capsules may have PCBs, dioxins or other contaminants, however that’s the case, certainly when they were tested in California.

So do you want to take the risk that your fish oil capsules are contaminated? Or would you rather be certain they’re clean?

One of the things that most impresses me about the excellent fish oil supplements from Xtend Life is that the company governs the process of catching the fish, extracting the oil and processing it from beginning to end. This is not the case with many manufacturers who simply buy wholesale fish oil of unknown quality from suppliers of unknown quality.

Not only that but the fish used by Xtend Life for oil for their fish oil supplements come from way down in the Southern Ocean or Southern Pacific, all a long way away from sources of contamination.

That’s not the case with the fish caught for oil used by many manufacturers, which are often caught in the Atlantic (between the 2 most populated, and polluting), land masses.

As well as that they use a proprietary decontamination process unique to the company to make absolutely sure.

And there’s more to the fish oil purity story. Read on.

It’s quite possible to test for contamination, a fact demonstrated by the tests done in California. Xtend Life routinely do this, but do not do so secretly, in fact they publish the results of their tests right there on their website for everyone to see. So if you’re interested in seeing the results of the tests on the Xtend Life fish oil supplements click here to see them. You will see that the company routinely publishes Certificates of Analysis from an independent testing laboratory to demonstrate the cleanliness of their product.

The Certificate of Analysis that you see there is the CURRENT certificate, in other words if you order fish oil supplements from the company that certificate is for the oil that is in those supplements that will be delivered to you.

You can’t get better than that from any other company in the world!

Not only that but they impose much stricter standards of purity and quality on their products than any other manufacturer. In fact Xtend Life’s own standards for the maximum amounts of contaminants such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead are well below those of the International Fish Oil Standards, in some cases by a factor of 10. To see those standards click here.

fish oil quality guaranteeAnd finally, if you had any doubts, Xtend Life give you a personal guarantee on the quality of their products. They offer a 365 day no questions asked money back guarantee, something you will not get from many other fish oil supplement manufacturers. To see that guarantee click here, (scroll down to the no risk guarantee).

There is one final matter when looking for the best fish oil supplement.

Many people experience what is often called “fishy burps” from taking fish oil capsules. In other words the capsules repeat and deliver an unpleasant fishy taste or sensation. This is not because there is fish oil in the capsules, it’s because there is old or rancid fish oil in the capsules.

In many cases manufacturers of fish oil supplements use old oil. Oil that has been left too long and has gone off. And in some cases they even seek to mask this, knowing the oil has gone off.

The fish oil pills from Xtend Life do not use rancid oil, and the company ensures that their fish are delivered to the factory, processed for their oil and the capsules manufactured as fast as possible. In other words the oil is fresh, not old. To read the whole story about fish oil freshness click here.

We have never, in a number of years of taking these excellent fish oil capsules, experienced “fishy burps”.

That’s why we think the fish oil capsules that we take are the pick of the Omega 3 supplements available anywhere in the world. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll have a 100 percent money back guarantee to back them. Try getting that elsewhere!

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